Scientology's® International President Goes Nuts!



The Scientology® organization is pretty nutty, yeah, and everybody knows that the reason the cult opposes the mental health industry is because the cult's leaders are absolutely nutty. So just for laughs -- since evidence is no longer needed to prove how nutty they are -- here's Scientology's International President Heber Jentzsch and his amusing screaming fit on KFI AM 640 Talk Radio.

There's a partial transcript of this amusing incident available from the archives at sci119.htm but it doesn't give the full flavor of the nut rant. "Get your hands off of me!" <laughing>

Apparently this is the best of what Scientology has left after decades of slow decline -- and then massive loses of followers over the past six years due to the Internet and various massive raids around the world.

Please remember: We're supposed to take Scientology seriously. Laughing at their management hurts their feelings. So laugh! And if you want to see a fragment from a court transcript which has the head cult leader launch off into an amusing rant before the court about public buggering, check it out since it's almost as good as Heber.

KFI Interview Part 8 Here's where the fun starts
KFI Interview Part 9 And this is where it gets really good.

[Note: The Scientology® organization has at best estimate approximately 45,000 to 50,000 followers world wide -- contrary to the 8 million figure that the organization has been claiming for the past few years or so. While that number continues to drop (thanks in part to the Internet) few of the remaining followers are even aware of the unending series of police raids, indictments, and prison terms their leaders and fellow cultists are subjected to routinely. Few are allowed to know about their organization's criminal history, or its current racketeering activities. Even fewer of the cult's remaining followers are privy to their messiah's written policies which dictates the criminal behavior that keeps getting their organization raided (see Xenu.NET for suitable references of Scientology policy) Scientology management is the problem, not the thousands of honest believers who are good, honest citizens; themselves victims of Scientology - flr]


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