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General Reference Sites  [back to top]

The Catholic Encyclopedia Recently completed! It's the 1913 edition, as opposed to the New Catholic Encyclopedia of the 1960s, but still a rich source.

Catholic Orders Links Compiled by Father Raymond Bucko at LeMoyne University, this is a comprehensive list of various catholic order homepages.

Eurodocs Organized by country and then by date, this site contains extensive links to primary sources in European history, including a Vatican City collection.

On-Line Books  An excellent collection of both primary and secondary sources available on-line. Terrific archive and easy to use site navigation and search engine.

Topics in Religion This is a general links pages from a public library. A good starting point if you're unfamiliar with a topic and looking for places to start or an overview.

Voice of the Shuttle A fantastic collection of links for all aspects of humanities research. Well maintained and frequently updated.

Who's Who in Mysticism A collection of links for all aspects of research on mysticism, including pre-christian influences.



Antiquity  [back to top]

Augustine of Hippo Texts, commentaries, images and legacy of Augustine.

The Jesus Seminar Current scholarship on the debate about what Jesus did or didn't say.

 The Bible Gateway This is a page where you can read 9 different translations of the Bible.

 The Ecole Initiative "Creating a hyper-text encyclopedia of early church history on the world wide web." An outstanding collection of primary texts, articles and images for History of Christianity up to 1500.

The Gnostic Society Virtual Library Not recently updated but fairly extensive.

 K.C. Hanson's Homepage A collection of sources and texts on antiquity as well as a web-based resource for use with his book Palestine in the Time of Jesus, written with Douglas E. Oakman.

The Byzantium Studies Page An excellect introduction to the issues and scholarship on the east-west split. Contains music and art links as well as primary sources.

Early Modern [back to top]

California Mission Studies Association For the Study and Preservation of the California Missions, Presidios, Pueblos, and Ranchos and Their Native American, Hispanic, and Early American Past.

The Council of Trent 1545-63. The complete text (in progress) of the famous Counter-Reformation Council.

The Crusades in Art A walk through various illuminated manuscripts depicting the crusades.

English Dissenters If you have questions about religious dissent, culture and politics in England prior to the American War for Independence, this is your site.

The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. The complete text of the institutes as well as other writings by Calvin.

The Labyrinth This is full of links for Medieval studies and is continually being enhanced and enlarged.

The Luther Project A Reformation reference site for writings by and about Martin Luther.

Netserf: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources Links to articles, primary sources and images of Medieval life, culture, art and studies.

Matrix A Collection of Resources for the Study of Women's Religious Communities, 500-1500.

Internetography on Renaissance intellectual history (GGRENir). Texts on intellectual history, art history, history of theology, etc for hte Renaissance. Extensive and well-maintained.

The Spanish Inquisition Project at Notre Dame. Contains a searchable database and many documents that were owned by private collectors and heretofore not available to scholars.

The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola

The Generals of the Society of Jesus

Thomistic Philosophy Collection of Thomas Aquinas's writings on the net. With some commentary and a good section on how Thomas Aquinas used Aristotle.

Wars of Religion Focussed primarily on France.

The Sermons of George Whitefield  The complete text of the Whitefield's sermons and other writings by Calvin.

Witchcraft in Salem Village A site with mostly primary sources on the witchcraft hysteria in 17th century New England.


Modern  [back to top]

The International Pentecostal and Holiness Movement Timeline

Jonathan Edwards On-Line An extensive and impressive site of Edwards' materials. A blend of historical and contemporary Christian sources.

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Paper Project Web site A collection of primary and secondary sources on MLK from Stanford University.

The Oneida Community An on-line history.

The Orthodox Reading Page A guide to the theology and practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church, historically and contemporarily.

Rome Reborn: The Library of Congress Exhibit on the Vatican Library A fascinating and accessible tour of Vatican holdings.

The Scopes Trial Site An examination of one of the most famous events in American Religious history.

Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  Finding pictures of the interiors of Mormon temples is quite a challenge and this site is fairly exhaustive and very imformative.

The Thomas Merton Site One of the foremost religious thinkers of our century.

The Wesley Center An excellent site for Methodist history, with many links to other Protestant resources on the web.



Global Christianity  [back to top]

California Mission Studies Association For the Study and Preservation of the California Missions, Presidios, Pueblos, and Ranchos and Their Native American, Hispanic, and Early American Past.

Christianity in Japan A hypertext timeline and history. Some of the text is garbled because of Japanese characters, but it is a very informative and well constructed site. I highly recommend reading Silence by Shusako Endo in conjunction with this site.

The Vatican An excellent resource with images, documents and links to various expressions of Catholicism from the Holy See, including the Vatican museum and library.




Gender and Sexuality  [back to top]

Internet Women's History Sourcebook An outstanding collection of images, articles and primary sources on women throughout history, from Ancient Egypt to contemporary Islam. Spectacular collection of resources.

Women and Gender in Antiquity An excellent resource for texts and scholarship.

Women and Social Movements 1830-1930 A collection of primary sources organized and maintained Kathryn Kish-Schlar and Thomas Dublin.


Social Theory  [back to top]

Bourdieu forum Homepage Bourdieu is one of the greatest sociological thinkers of our century. This page combines a guide to resources and a discussion forum for working with Bourdieu's social theories.

Gramsci Resources Guide to Gramsci texts, primary and secondary.

The Marx-Engels Archive Pictures, letters, texts and scholarship on, by, and about Marx and Marxists.

Sociology of Religion -- A Website devoted to the social-scientific study of religion and religious groups.

Theory and Method -- From Socrates to Weber, a collection of links about method and theory of religion. 

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