12 Articles of the Peasant Revolt of 1525

 The Peasants appealed to Scripture to justify their revolt, and vowed that they would withdraw their demands if they were proved to be contrary to the word of God. They demanded:

  1. The right to choose and depose their own pastors
  2. That the grain tithe be used for the remuneration of the pastor and relief of the poor, in as much as it is commanded in Scripture, and that that tithe on cattle, an invention of man, be withdrawn.
  3. Release from serfdom, inasmuch as men are free as Christians.
  4. The privilege of hunting and fishing on those lands that do not rightfully belong to overlords.
  5. Communal ownership of forests so that poor people may gather firewood and have access to lumber.
  6. Relief from excessive services demanded of peasants.
  7. Payment for services not previously agreed upon by the lords and peasants.
  8. Redress of excessive rents so that peasants may reap a return from their labors.
  9. Judgment according to the old laws, not according to laws recently imposed.
  10. The return of communal meadows and fields to the community, with reimbursement to those who may have purchased such lands.
  11. The abolition of the Todfall or death tax (heriot) which places unwarranted burden on widows and orphans.
  12. The right in the future to present or withdraw demands in accordance with the Scriptures.

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