As part of Spec.Ops you will be required and expected to meet certain criteria.  Some of which are explained now and some you will pick up as your training progresses.

1.  This TEAM is run MILITARY STYLE, PERIOD!   It's NOT a democracy and/or Majority rules!  We follow a strict chain of command here.   If your looking for some structure and good game play... here it is!  If military structure is too much for you, STOP NOW, TURN BACK and EXIT THIS SITE.  

- Yes, we are all here for the fun of it!  But we in Spec.Ops also pride ourselves in being the leaders in professionalism.  If you have a problem with someone else in Spec.Ops you should first try and settle it amongst yourselves.  If you find that to become impossible, then you should bring that grievance to your superior.   If by chance your grievance is with your superior... You should contact the next person in the chain of command... His boss.  There is a hierarchy and it will be followed...  We will not deal with whiny snot faced cry-babies.  We are all adults here and raising children is not our job... we will not do it. 

2.  Cussing online happens... But for the sake of all involved (there are children online) please refrain from using profanity while wearing the Spec.Ops uniform.

3.  We have mandatory Boot Camp training for all recruits.  After you are awarded your uniform you will be official and part of Spec.Ops..  

4.  There will be NO Fragging of officers or other team-mates period!  That means that you do not go around shooting your own players in the head just to be funny.  Nor do you commit suicide.  The only thing these will accomplish is dropping your teams score and having your name and the Spec.Ops name blemished.

5.  CHEATING is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN....    If you have a compelling need to win by any means possible, and if  your morals are LOW enough for you to cheat...  Go look for another team now.  =Spec.Ops= has NEVER and will NEVER cheat in any Battle.   We do not condone it nor do we accept it.   Honor is everything!

6.  Wear of the uniform:  Once accepted into =Spec.Ops= as a candidate you will wear the =Boot= uniform to designate your being in boot camp.  Your uniform once accepted into Spec.Ops will be Your name followed by =Spec.Ops=          i.e.:    GiJane =Boot=   or   GiJane=Spec.Ops=

Wear your uniform proudly and remember that while you are wearing it.. conduct yourself accordingly.. People will Judge all of Spec.Ops based on what attitude you demonstrate.

7.  By submitting your application you are agreeing to the above terms...  any deviation from the above will result in immediate expulsion from the TEAM, no questions asked.

8. The following application MUST be filled out in its entirety to include an ICQ# (If you don't use ICQ, get it at or don't bother applying, as its a mandatory requirement).  Also; A Yahoo, Hotmail, JUNO, etc e-mail address will not be accepted!  We verify each and every person who joins so a regular ISP e-mail address is required (you don't have one?  Don't bother applying)

Any questions? 

Still Want to be one of the best?  Part of the Spec.Ops Family???  

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