=Spec.Ops= Server Rules


We wish to welcome you to our server where you will find challenging and high quality maps that can not be found anywhere else in the world. Due to an increase in user behavioral problems, we are forced to publish this list of rules.

While on our maps we request that the users complaints about lag to be kept minimal. We understand that it is in existence and we try to provide lag free servers, however there is way too many variables for us to guarantee it. If you are having problems please don’t wine. Just simply leave and find another server. You are welcome to try back at a later time. People who wine will find themselves exiting our servers rather quickly. 

From time to time we do send request for people to switch sides in the middle of a game. We would like to keep the teams as fair as possible. If you are asked to switch sides, please obey. This is for the best interest of the entire server. You will be asked to switch and if you choose to ignore the request you will be punted. 

 =Spec.Ops= are not baby sitters. They will not tolerate any behavior that is “unprofessional.” With that being said here come the rules.


 Rule I.

Fun. We simply play the game for this reason. We enjoy it. When someone is taking this enjoyment away you are violating our rules. You will receive a warning for such conduct, after that you will be punted and if necessary you will be banned. 

Rule II.

Cheating. We, =Spec.Ops=, do not and will not take part in any form of cheating. Nor do we tolerate it. Cheating will mean automatic banning.

 Defining Cheating- Cheating is using any training device not designed in the original game that gives you an unfair advantage over the other players.

 It also includes using “glitches” or errors in the Delta Force programming to your advantage. We play this game for its realism, if we didn’t want realism we would be playing other games like Quake.

 Jumping over walls is permitted on our server, why? Because in real life you can climb these objects. (Exceptions apply to certain maps and will be briefed when map starts)


 Rule III.

Swearing & Attitude. No swearing is permitted on our servers. One warning and then you are punted. We expect a professional attitude on our servers at all time. If your behavior is anything less, be prepared to be punted.

 Entering  our server(s) signifies acceptance of these rules., and violation of these rules will require =Spec.Ops= to take the appropriate actions with what ever tools necessary. Justice will be swift and toleration of violators is non-existent.