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For your FREE (really) Virus Scan.


USE:    Just click.    Trend Micro's HouseCall ActiveX component is downloaded (first time only) and the virus scan begins! 

There is *no* software needed by you.

BENEFIT:    A CLEAN Computer...  What do I get from this?   Royalties NO...  Kick-Backs?  NO...   Credibility by helping you rid your computer of viruses?  YES!  This, along with the knowledge of knowing that you will not inadvertently spread a virus to another user is all the benefit I need.  YOU on the other hand get a great scan FREE.

ACCURACY: HouseCall detects "in the wild" and macro viruses (the most common ones circulating). It also offers cleaning and deletion functions.

Enjoy...  Spectre'


    I take no responsibility of damages, loss of data or any other related occurrences, should the virus checker (unlikely) fail to detect and eradicate a virus.  I have personally run the scan on several occasions and continue to be virus free.


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